Valentine Pinks

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, of course my mind is on how I can embrace these festivities. Though my husband and I generally don’t make a big deal out of the day itself (we prefer to celebrate our love every day of the year), I will take any excuse to decorate our home, make a new wreath (check our yesterday’s post for a quick tutorial), and of course wear a bright pink or red lip and paint my nails pink. Even when it’s not February, my go to nail colour is always pink. I thought today I would share my current favourites for the perfect pink nail, no matter your style.


(L-R Ballet Slippers, Fiji, Mod Square, Watermelon)

Ballet Slippers. The prettiest sheer pink. If you are not a fan of colours on your nails, but want something, this is the one. And rumour has it that The Queen uses this. So there you go.

Fiji. The prettiest baby pink. Usually baby pink has the tendency to be a bit juvenile, but this one is really sophisticated. I’m rocking this pretty one on my digits this week and am of course loving it.

Mod Square. If you’re more of a bright pink gal, try this one. Perfect any day of the year, but especially nice for this week/month if you want to make more a statement.

Watermelon. I’m pretty sure this one is in my top ten. If you’ve seen my collection, that’s saying a lot. While still being bright, this deeper pink has a slight reddy tone to it, depending on the light. Super beautiful.

Whether you love painting your nails or not, whether you love or hate pink, I hope you are having a wonderful day and do something to treat yourself this week. Show yourself some love, that’s what Valentine’s day should be about.


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