Downton Abbey

When it comes to trends, I am not usually one to dive in. I either scoff at it, thinking it’s unnecessary, or wait to see how it turns out. I’m always wary of hyped up things, especially books and tv shows. My husband would say it’s because I’m a hipster and only like things that no one else has heard of. But I think it harkens back to the days when I was discovering music on my own, and found these discoveries to be my own little secret, made only for me.

Then there are times when after years and years, I cave and dive right in. This weekend was such an occasion. After everyone, including my own mother, was enamoured with Downton Abbey, I decided to give it a try. Honestly, it has been on my Netflix list for at least a year. Now I’m sad I’ve put off watching it for so long. It was probably because I knew I would love it and wouldn’t be able to stop watching it once I started. Of course, that was the truth. I’m nearly finished with the third season now (please, no spoilers!) and am loving it. Perhaps I won’t turn my nose up at popular things so much anymore.


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