Spring in January?

Once Christmas and New Years are over, I am ready for spring. In my opinion, winter should be over on December 31. And then January comes along and reminds me that spring is still far in the distance. I crave bright colours, ditching the coats and boots and feeling the sun on my face.

Thankfully this January has been different than most. I think it’s 6 degrees outside. That’s right. It feels like spring is here. Please let this weather stay! Whenever we get a day or two of nice weather I seem to forget what real winter is like and it’s never a good surprise.

I suppose these warm days in the middle of winter are good, even when I know I am being tricked into thinking it’s staying forever. I am reminded that even in the middle of trials (because let’s be honest, winter is a trial), there will be good moments. So, thank you, sunshine for making my day better and reminding me that there is always good in the world.


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