2014 Favourites: Skin care

2014 was a year of discoveries. From old standards to new favourites, I found a lot to love in 2014. When I decided to write about my favourites of the year (you can thank my YouTube subscriptions for that bug), I had planned to do it all in one post. But then I started writing it all down. It was basically a novella. So, to save my fingers and your eyes, I will be splitting my favourites up into four or five posts. Let’s get to it, shall we? Today, we start with the base: skin care.


1. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

After hearing so many good reviews about this brand, I decided to try out the face cleanser. Let me tell you, this stuff really is FAB! As I stated in a previous post, 2014 was a year of discovery, and one of those discoveries was the fact that my skin is sensitive. I’ve always known that I had sensitive skin, but I never used many products aimed at dealing with just sensitive skin — I was always using products for dry skin, and sensitivity was just a secondary issue. However, I realized that sensitivity is the main issue with my skin, and it’s really not that dry (except a little bit in the winter months). Realizing that I have quite normal skin (tending to be slightly combination) that is sensitive was a huge game changer for me and I am so grateful that I have now found products that will help to enhance the good that I already have.

2. Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil

During my last big splurge at Sephora before I quit my job, I decided to try this one out, knowing that it was supposed to be a superstar at removing makeup. And it is! I don’t tend to wear very much makeup on a daily basis, but on the days that I do wear a full face (or a full face for me), this stuff is magic. Even if I am just wearing a little mascara, this is the stuff that I prefer to use to remove it. I have very sensitive eyes and eyelashes and all year I struggled with finding a good mascara and eye makeup remover that wouldn’t irritate my eyes or result in losing lashes (this happened way too many times). In the summer I started using coconut oil, and that was doing the trick for a while, but I found I was still losing eyelashes because it wasn’t getting all of my mascara off. But with this cleansing oil, I haven’t had any issues. I love that there is no residue and it doesn’t make my eyes sting. Plus, it’s super conditioning on the skin. Win-win-win.

3. Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Oil-free Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer

That’s a mouthful. I really love this for my morning moisturizer. The gel like cream goes on super smooth, is cooling and sinks right into the skin, so it’s a perfect base for makeup. The only downside is that it doesn’t have SPF, so I need an additional step, and I will likely be purchasing a moisturizer containing SPF once this guy runs out.

4. Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

Who knew that adding oil to your face was actually a good thing? As I mentioned above, though I do have sensitive skin, it is quite normal (with a little bit of combination thrown in for good measure), so I don’t have super oil slick skin, or super dry skin either. But I do like the feeling of having hydrated, plump skin, and this oil delivers just that. I will use this either by itself or before my moisturizer at night, and I definitely notice a difference when I wake up. Plus it smells delightful and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

5. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

In 2014 I decided that it was about time that I started using eye creams. I want my skin to be healthy, and continue to look young, so I need to start with good practices now. I’ve had a hard time finding good eye creams for day time (still on the look for a good one), but after using this one for the first time, I was hooked. Like every other Kiehl’s product, this stuff is gold. It is thick enough to feel like it is doing something, but it sinks in so well to the skin that I don’t feel it seconds after it’s on. Seriously, top-notch.


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