I Won’t Give Up

Whenever we hear our wedding song, I ask Christopher if he remembers the song. He never does. Sometimes I forget that my husband doesn’t view music the same way I do. He just listens, whereas I soak it up like a sponge.

I still remember the day that we picked the song. There were a few songs that we had been considering — or more accurately, I was considering, and Christopher would just say yes to whatever I picked (he’s good like that). We were driving one night and as I listened to the song, my eyes slowly filled with tears. I wanted this to be our song because in that moment, I realized that that was what I wanted to be our motto.

“I won’t give up, even if the skies get rough”.

I want to be with my husband for eternity. I know that eternity is now, and that the decisions I make today will determine where we end up forever. Although we’ve only been married for two and half years (as of yesterday), I know that marriage isn’t easy. But I also know that if you can get past the hard times, marriage can be wonderful. Just don’t give up.


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