Today, my parents celebrate their thirty-second anniversary. In the twenty-plus years that I have been observing their marriage, I have learned a lot.

1. It’s okay to be different.
My mom and dad have things in common, but they don’t share all of their interests. From their example, I learned that it’s important to have separate interests, because it is those differences that can make your marriage stronger.

2. You are a team.
Whenever a decision was to made, they made it together. They live their lives together. They do stuff together. And in those decisions and events in their life, they support each other.

3. Make sure your children know you love each other.
When I was younger (and still today, actually), my dad liked to tease us by kissing mom in front of us. We thought it was gross. But, looking back I think of how lucky I was to grow up with parents who loved each other and showed that love. Because of that example, I had high expectations of what my marriage would look like.

4. Put the Lord first.
In the thirty two years that my parents have been through a lot. And from my experience, in all of that, they put the Lord first, and they have been blessed.

Happy anniversary, mom and dad. There is no way I would be the wife I am today, or the wife I am working toward becoming, without your amazing example.